About Terracotta

Terracotta TCM products of Terracotta Group LLC offers food supplements and products designed and formulated with the help of the World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies (member of the World Health Organization) and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Doctors at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.

Terracotta Group LLC owns the unique exclusive formula of Terracotta TCM !!

All Terracotta ingredients have been selected with precision care and our mushroom extracts have the highest grade and strongest potency levels available in the Western markets.  Our goal is to provide product leadership in supplying the highest quality supplement in our segment.

We only work with parties who are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HACCP certified, All Terracotta ingredients have been inspected by SGS Lloyds. Our products are produced in accordance with EU regulations and laws, are not medicines, but purely food supplements without claims.  

We are consistently researching and improving the quality of our products,  and regularly upgrade our products and formulations using the latest TCM knowhow where possible. We are also searching to expand our range of food supplements with new products.  

The name Terracotta TCM represents our identification with the spirit of the Xi’An Terracotta Warriors because they exemplify righteousness and the courage to fight for ideals. Similarly, we at Terracotta TCM feel that everyone should have access to the best possible health and wellness products, no matter how far we have to go in order to get them. We believe in amazing products that offer the best quality and purity that today’s technology can provide, products that help people and allow us to be proud.

We are a tiny company growing in leaps and bounds, and  our goal is to stay current and immediately relevant by adding products with the same ancient but effective ingredients that have been in use for  thousands of years in Asia. That’s not all. Our healthcare goal is to create a range of products in the personal care and cosmetics arena, all based in the millenary traditions people in ancient Asia enjoyed and have found so effective.  

We have complete documentation and information on Terracotta ingredients from the US Library of Medicine and wish that our customers obtain a wealth of information from our research and existing knowledge. We encourage Terracotta customers to send us questions and share your experiences and we will share ours as well. Our amazing testimonials come from friends and customers who have used our products and seen dramatic improvements in their health. To us, good health should be a right, not a privilege. 

For more information, please contact us via email at info@terratcm.com