“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.”  Steve Jobs

Jasmin Blauwe
Zandvoort, NH
I feel reborn, and my customers too.

Brain/ hormone balance/ energy/ cancer

I got in the past an adenoma pituitary surgery. Which caused me Acromegaly . As a result I used the highest monthly dose of injections with Sonatine. After using Terracotta TCM pills, I have marked improvement in my blood levels and energy and have no more joint pain. The injections with Somatoline i take now has the lowest dose and I feel fantastic. All my blood values are very much improved. I feel reborn. I can wholeheartedly recommend it!

In addition, I am an Orthomolecular Therapist by profession and I can speak of very satisfied patients in my practice who also use Terracotta TCM pills. Beautiful support in autoimmune diseases and also it does support cancer patients during chemotherapy. Stunningly beautiful results! In my view Terracotta makes a very nice contribution!

Hawaii, USA
Terracotta helped manage my stage 4 breast cancer

Cancer/ energy

It was January 2016 that I was diagnosed with breast cancer with metastases to my liver and bones through my lymph and blood system.
My liver was so bad, that only Chemotherapy was still possible as long my liver would survive it. My life expectancy was only a few months, 12 weeks was their prognosis.
From day one I started making and drinking home-made fresh raw shakes of organic fruit and vegetables together with juices.
In addition, I had a cocktail of supplements that I kept taking with the shakes and juices (when I was still alive after two months). My body could not handle the chemotherapy and I switched to chemo pills from the end of May 2016.
They did not hit it the first two months, but then it slowly became more stable again.
My supplements have adjusted to my needs, because it always went better with me.
I already took different types of mushrooms in my supplements, but never knew exactly which dose was right for me, until I came across Terracotta products in September 2017.

I started with Terracotta Immunity and Terracotta Rockstar which were much more user-friendly.
My starting dose (3x3) was not enough given the severity of my clinical picture. After consultation with the people behind Terracotta I started in January 2018 with a higher dosage (3 × 4) capsules per day of each (Immunity and Rockstar).
At that time I quickly got the feeling that my body reacted much better to this, and that is what the Ct scans of March and July 2018 clearly showed. Since then my liver was looking better and better.
At the moment there are still some spots on my liver and the other metastases are not gone, but a kind of latently present.
The blood levels have decreased enormously and now continue to get the tumor values along with my liver clean.

For me it is a matter of a positive attitude in combination with healthy eating, no sugars and no proteins (I am vegetarian) with additional supplements supplemented with Terracotta supplements.And positive attitude is and pré.
All this has caused me to sign again for another two years now, says my oncologist ... two, he is mistaken, I thought about 20 years!
It will be different for everyone how the Terracotta products will react, I hear several positive results and miraculous results for people with cancer and I would not have liked to walk the same way without these Terracotta supplements.
The Terracotta ingredients are medically supported in hospitals and research has shown that it definitely helps! Thank you for that!
And Terracotta: I ll continue using your products and keep going to spread the word !! There are so many people who would benefit from this !! Everybody should know !!


Kees Van der Plas
It saved my life.

Cancer/ energy

On New Year's Eve 2015 I started coughing blood. I thought had pneumonia. I went the day after ( Jan 1 2016 ) to the hospital and then the whole circus started . A biopsy in my left lung showed that I have the aggressive small cell lung carcinoma in my left lung of more than 4 cm in size. And with a size of more than 2 cm the rule is that it spread to the brain. A brain scan showed that fortunately I had no tumor or cancer in my brains. . There was also another tumor in my right lung. There was still a biopsy to be taken from this one. In total about 6 weeks blood came out while coughing . After 6 weeks they started to take periodic pictures, and from then the tumors were already disappeared getting smaller , even before I started the chemo. The tumor in my right lung was already become too small to take a biopsy from. The doctor told me that this cancer should have arisen around the summer of 2015. Exactly in a major stress period where I was in and where I also forgot to take regularly my cordyceps (Rockstar) from Terracotta. I had been taking RockStar for energy for almost a year before my diagnosis because I wanted to get more energy. I believe the stress I was going through that Summer and not taking my RockStar gave the cancer a chance to take root and grow.
At this point the doctor did not understand how the cancer hadn't spread to the brain, I am convinced that that is because I regularly did take the Cordyceps.
In the beginning, I was given a maximum of three months and the doctors only offered me palliative ( end of life) care.
Only 1%  of patients with small cell lung cancer survive the second year and there is no chance of a cure.
Now I have immediately changed my lifestyle and have completely focused on healthy eating. In addition, I started using large quantities of Terracotta Rockstar and Immunity, 16 capsules a day. That is why the doctors decided to treat me just because of the progress i made. So in February I started with my treatments from the hospital. I didn't have any problems with the chemotherapy that I have undergone, and not even the preventive radiation caused me problems.
I have had 10 preventive radiation treatments on my head and a total of 33 on my lungs (right and left) directed radiation.
The radiations on my head did make me sick, there I suffered from severe fatigue. But in spite of that I was able to continue working, something the doctors described as a kind of slapstick movie. Against everyone's expectations and statistics I was already clean after 6 months in the sense that nothing more was to be seen on the scan and in my blood. Now it's already been two years since my diagnosis, and all periodic scans and blood tests indicate that I am "clean".
I will continue to take Terracotta because without it I would not be alive today.
In addition, I would also like to advise to everyone in a similar situation happens to you , change your style of living immediately. Let the sugars stand aside and no more cakes and stuffed cakes, less carbohydrates, eat healthy and varied food. With all the food I always added garlic to it , and herbs like parsley and lots of vegetables etc. Even more important is to keep all negative influences out of your environment. People around you already thinking that you are dying and behave accordingly, some unconsciously. Even my own children. It is important that everyone just acts and focuses on things going well, and realize that cancer is only an obstacle to overcome. Nothing more.
Finally, I want to say that I did not report it to my doctors that is was taking Terracotta TCM. Because however the knowledge and clinical studies about these ingredients are well described and available in the United States medical library , but doctors haven't studied these things as they don't have it in their study materials . And because they don't know it,  they will put it aside as nonsense. After alll they studied "chemical" medicine. And we say that " what the farmer doesn't know , he don't eat". They are human too. Meanwhile, I already know several people who survived cancer, and who are alive and well against all the statistics. Nobody can deny that these Terracotta products really work.

Kees van der Plas

I  have used a pseudonym in order to protect my indentity on the internet. But anyone who wants to know more about my experience can contact Terracotta TCM and they will pass your message  on to me. I can then decide to contact you back.

Yezika van Gent-Calberto
Antwerp, Belgium
Free from medications

Athletic performance/ Hormonal Balance

They say we teach what we need to learn the most. In my case, my family has a history of diabetes and renal disease. And a few years back I was diagnosed with and given medication for insulin resistance and low thyroid. Bad and bad.

I knew intellectually that our Terracotta products were fantastic and that Cordyceps, the main ingredient in RockStar in particular, was revered as a wonder- plant with a wide range of pharmaceutically active compounds and health benefits. But I had never experienced it first hand until my mother’s medical condition began to worsen. She’d been 10 years on dialysis and her diabetes along with a long list of medications had slowly destroyed her body. All this culminated in a string of almost consecutive amputations. Seeing my mom without legs gave me a new appreciation for my own, so even though I hated it, I started running.  Some people like to run, it’s a type of therapy, it relaxes them. I can’t say the same. I started running to honor my mother and to convince myself that something good had come out of her losing her legs. Running was difficult physically and mentally, so I started taking 2 RockStar capsules one hour before workouts to improve my performance. I had never experienced this kind of endurance. It was magical. I could run for ever! In  just one month I went from running 3 kilometers 3 times per week, to running 5 to 10 kilometers 4 to 5 times per week.  Later on, with my newfound confidence in my own products, I decided to tackle my insulin resistance and the thyroid problem. I knew the main ingredient in SuperBrain, Hercium erinaceus was effective, among other things, to nourish the brain and promote hormonal balance. My hormones had to be dealt with, because shortly after I took up running / RockStar as a lifestyle I got pregnant not once but twice! 2 babies in 2 years, all while building a business from scratch.  I wanted to get rid of the chemicals and help my body heal naturally, so I started taking SuperBrain daily 3 pills. I didn’t notice any change so I increased to 6 in the mornings. Clarity! my mind felt so sharp! Almost as sharp as in my pre-pregnancy years, it was wonderful.  But I was sleep deprived, my babies are the kind that needs little sleep and little food, which is wonderful from an evolutionary standpoint but not from a mom’s prospective.  The sleepless nights and days non-stop for 2 years made it so that my mood and energy level took a dive in the early evenings at around 5pm. So I started taking 3 SuperBrain and 2 RockStar more in the afernoons. Problem solved. I had enough energy and mental clarity to take on my 20-hour days.

Like I said before, intellectually I knew that Terracotta products were fantastic, but now that I have experienced the wonderful impact they’ve had in my own life and my body, I think everyone should try them for themselves.

Terracotta TCM Co-Founder

Imran Ahmed
East London , UK 
Better Athletic Performance

Athletic performance

I work in the city of London and train a mixture of cardio and weight training at my local gym. Often feeling run down I was recommended Rockstar by Terracotta health to give m ean energy boos especially before training. I have been a tablet in the morning and evening every day with an increased dosage on the days I go to the gym. Since taking this pill I have found that my fatigue is greatly reduced, I have a more more intensive workout , pushing higher weights with greater reps. I can wholehardetdly recommend this product to anyone who regularly feels rundown, You will find that Rockstar gives you the energy and stamina of someone 10 years younger than you are.


Imran Ahmed

Bas van Gent
Antwerp, Belgium
Overall Improvement

Athletic performance/ stress/ Jetlag relief

I got acquainted with Chinese Medicine together with my wife years ago in China. The first thing I knew was the Cordyceps. I must confess that I never really took it seriously until I noticed that I performed much better on my workouts. I have been doing fitness for years and in the past I almost became a professional powerlifter. My wife then founded Terracotta TCM and I help her where possible. I use 2 Rockstar pills in the morning and 2 RockStar pills just before I start training. Workouts are significantly easier. At first you do not notice it but during the training you notice that you can do just a little bit more.
Since  I have seen the impact on Terracotta TCM customers, I now use 3 X'An pills every day. I am now almost 50 years old and then you have to be more focused on prevention. Especially now that I am the father of two young children. And that also takes a lot of energy. My children don't sleep much and are very lively, and that takes a lot of energy from me and my wife. If you can not sleep through the night for almost a single night, it will affect your mood during the day. It also gives stress. I also started using 2 pills SuperBrain and I notice that the stress is gone and that I am less moody.  I discovered by chance that SuperBrain works against stress. Patrick Wilson, a British entrepreneur  who'd contacted our Terracotta TCM agent in Manchester because of the SuperBrain. He was searching supplemments that help people stop smoking because  since the main obstacle for stopping is the terrible mood swings and withdrawal, he researched herbal remedies for these symptoms and he found out that our SuperBrain would be excellent for this because it contains Hericium Erinaceus mushroom extract. This mushroom has a strong anti-depressant effect and works well against stress. Thanks again Patrick !! Of course I still have days when I am tired but the broken nights and the ever-changing sleeping pattern, I can manage those much better now.
We traveled the world a lot and I noticed that this worked better against jet lag than taking sleeping pills during the flight. The days after the flight you only get jet lag, you can not escape that. But I survived it easier with RockStar.

Terracotta TCM Co-Founder

Nancy Kilfoyle
Manchester, United Kingdom
Goodbye Rheumatoid Arthritis


In October 2016, I began having pain in my left shoulder, and joints of my fingers. My hands became swollen and the pain soon became unbearable. My Doctor ran a number of blood tests, and found a high level of C-reactive protein (CRP) which he told me was an indication of high inflammation in the body and confirmed that I had rheumatoid arthritis. I was referred to a specialist, who recommended Hydroxychloroquine, which he said he would administer in a staged dosage system so that the body would gradually become accustomed to it. He told me this was a degenerative disease and that THERE WAS NO CURE, only treatment to manage the pain and slow down the deterioration. When I read about the side effects of the treatment plan which included hair loss and vomiting I decided to try alternative remedies. I did not accept that there was no cure.
I started acupuncture at a local clinic run by a Chinese woman. This helped to manage the pain but as the clinician explained to me, acupuncture is not a cure for rheumatoid arthritis. She mentioned a treatment using a special fungus known as chordiceps which is available in China. I began searching online for this and eventually came across the the terracotta traditional Chinese medicine range from an ebay shop. I contacted the seller and after hearing about my symptoms he suggested I take Immunity and Rockstar in staggered doses three times a day.
Miraculously within five days of taking Immunity and Rockstar as advised I felt the swelling in my joints decrease and the pain became much more manageable. After one month I felt stronger than ever and my energy levels increased enormously. I had a scheduled blood test and review with the arthritis consultant in February 2017.. When we met I explained that I had taken a path of alternative treatment. He was very sceptical about my treatment and was concerned that because I had not taken the prescribed medicine that I may have done irreversible damage to my bones.
He took the blood tests and we had a follow up appointment about 10 days later. He was amazed at the low level of CRP in my blood. He asked me about my treatment and was perplexed at the inflammation had totally disappeared. We spoke at length but although he saw the results as far as he was concerned it could not be replicated. He discharged me and told me to contact my doctor if the symptoms reappeared.
It has now been almost two years since I first had the symptoms. The diagnosis of an incurable disease were unmistakable. The CRP blood indicator and my specific pain were fully consistent with rheumatoid arthritis. Finding the terracotta range was a godsend. I now lead a full and active life. I go to the gym three times a week and have never felt better. To everyone who suffers from rheumatism, and is reading this please try this, you have nothing to lose. You will be surprised, don’t believe people who say there is no cure, there is one and it will change your life.


Ronald Craig 
San Francisco , USA
Stronger Physically and Mentally

Atlethics Performance / More Focus on anything 

I began taking Terracotta’s Rockstar, Superbrain, and Immunity supplements one month ago, and have found them to be beneficial in several ways.

 I am a lifelong athlete participating in swimming, running, and cycling groups weekly, was an All-America swimmer earlier, and a performance level scholarship athlete at the University level. I exercise now in 4-6 workouts each week, yet when I moved into my sixties, I found my body’s ability to sustain rapid recovery, even from moderately aggressive workouts, was beginning to lag. Many days I felt soreness from the previous day’s athletic activities, and had a general lack of energy or fatigue; a normal condition among committed athletes of any age, but to me much more noticeable now.

 When I started taking the 3 TCM supplements 3x each day, I began feeling much better overall, and noticed both physical and mental benefits. I’m no longer feeling dragged out on days following comprehensive exercise workouts, and during many workouts I notice my physical performance levels and endurance levels have improved markedly. This performance boost leads to a positive mental energy and to more confidence in my athletic performance, always a plus.

Mentally, I also am feeling a general sense of well being and a certain confidence of self-expectation in personal and business relationships. Finally, I believe the herbal supplements have enhanced my abilities in attacking complex quantitative analysis tasks, boosting my endurance through greater focus and in cognitive attack.

I recommend Terracotta TCM supplements for performance or avocational athletes, and for “road warriors” of all types.


Julie Prescot, Withington, Manchester
Cancer Free


I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. I had radiation treatment but refused first the chemotherapy. before this treatment I was recommended Terracotta Immunity, by my brother.  I took 3 tablets twice a day during my treatment. Having spoken to other sufferers I think the side effects of my treatment were vastly reduced due Terracotta products. I have been in remission ever since and was just recently given the all clear. Thank you Terracotta, keep up the good work!

Mrs van Wijngaarden , Dordrecht , Netherlands Brain Stroke Recovery

Brain Stroke Recovery 

My mother suffered a severe CVA in 2014. After a few years of rehabilitation, we also started to try other forms of medicine. We noticed that the progress made become minimal.
A herbalspecialist gives my mother more than a year of therapy and Terracotta capsules. Since the treatments and taking the Terracotta Rockstar, Superbrain and Immunity, there is clear progress.
My mother is more alert, she succeeds better to speak and to answer correctly or to say something of her own.
There is also physical progress such as more endurance and better blood flow.
We are very happy with these results! The quality of my mother's life is thus still improved.

Kim van Wijngaarden 

Therapist note :
Her naturopath said that Mrs came a year ago into her practice by wheelchair and was not able to speak except making some sounds. Now she can walk with a cane and her speech ability is coming back.

Zandvoort , NH 
Second Chance


In the beginning of April I paid a visit to my doctor with vague stomach complaints.

My doctor could not give a diagnosis of what was possibly going on!

As a precaution, I was referred to a gynecologist at the hospital.

Right from the first study, it turned out that there was indeed something serious going on! So, I was asked to have a CT scan made.

The result was unfortunately metastatic ovarian cancer. I was immediately referred to an oncologist.

In the evaluation meeting, it turned out that might diagnosis was really quite serious. And the treatment options were rather extreme for someone my age: heavy chemotherapy and a drastic operation!

Taking into account my age (80), I vehemently refused the traumatic process. I opted for palliative (light) chemotherapy and to choose for quality of life !

My static life expectancy was only 6 months!

With the light chemotherapy I wanted to try to get the cancer under control.

This would mean 6 chemotherapy treatments with a break of 3 weeks.

There was a CT scan scheduled for after the 3rd chemotherapy. In the meantime I had good contact

with my homeopathic therapist. And under her advice I started an additional treatment with Rockstar and Immunity pills.

These pills have helped me a great deal mentally and physically!

The Tumor marker had dropped enormously and there was almost nothing to see on the CT scan!

After the incredible results, I canceled the last chemotherapy and kept a few weeks of rest!

Finally, the last CT scan was made and there was nothing to see on the scan!

I am convinced that the combination: positive attitude, light chemo treatment,

and the Terracotta pills [Rockstar and Immunity] had a very strong  influence on the course of my disease!

I am so glad that I chose  this treatment and that l have already been able to enjoy this 6 "statistic "months.

For now my future looks pretty good again and I will remain loyal with the Terracotta pills 

This is a humble report from a very grateful woman!

Femke , 35 Yr 
Zandvoort , NH 
Super Fast recovery after surgery

Fast Recovery

A few months ago a number of very large fibroids were found in my womb. This resulted in fatigue and a lot of bleeding.
Initially a uterine-saving operation was done but unfortunately, this did not help the complaints. The remaining fibroids were even bigger and had the size of an orange. A second operation was therefore planned to remove the uterus. Around three weeks before the surgery, a lady who uses the Terracotta pills told me to start with it too. I started with 3x1 Rockstar and Immunity and increased the dose to 3x3 around the days of the operation. Two weeks after the operation I went back to 3x1. In the meantime, it is 5 weeks ago and I feel like the old one. My energy level is better than it has been for a long time and according to my Surgeon i was remarkably quickly back on my feet. So I am a fan of Terracotta. Keep up the good work!


Ms Vd Meent
NH , The Netherlands 
Beat Cancer against all Odds


Last summer I was told that my cancer was in terminal stage and was no longer treatable. The metastases arising from my breast cancer could no longer be stopped. It had spread to my bones and lymph etc.
A woman from my neighborhood who is twenty years older than I also had cancer and was declared terminal; but she was now happily circulating and saying that she had no more cancer. She told me to go to the store NatuurGeneeskracht and to ask for Terracotta TCM pills. I was skeptical so I first asked my Oncologist, who said that at this point in my illness I should do it if it made me feel good, but that in medical terms it was all nonsense and it would not help my illness, "it's a scam."

Stubborn as I am, I took the products anyway and almost immediately my cancer stabilized from the first checkup, then it started to steadily remit in the months afterwards and my blood results were top notch. My oncologist was dumbfounded. I only told her that I had ignored her advice and started using Terracotta TCM. She was at least honest to admit that she was wrong and took her words back. Now she wants to know more about the Terracotta products, so I gave her all the scientific research I had gotten about the products. It would be great if more people took this opportunity.
I am fully committed to this treatment, especially now that I know that so many have been helped.

Ms Vd Meent

Ger vd Niet , 75 Yr 
Verlserbroek, NH 
Cancer Free

Cancer Free

Verlserbroek, January 2019

End 2016 I was diagnosed with Skin Cancer ( Aggressive Melanoma ) , and I got treated at the Anthony van Leeuwenhoek Hospital. Nevertheless, my cancer spread during 2017 throughout my body. Metastases grew in my lung - liver and my lymph's. This was life-threatening. 

Beginning 2018 I was starting to use Terracotta TCM  ( 10 capsules Immunity, 10 capsules Rockstar, 5 Superbrain a day ) a major improvement has been made since then. Today my cancer is as good as gone, I have the medical reports available. Which are available on request. And a previous conclusion (July 2018 ) which I translated into English below, my situation has been even improved significantly since this report. No cancer is visible today !!

Conclusion July 2018:

*Very strong decrease in the size of the lesions in the subcutaneous fat, especially in the chest wall

*Very strong decrease in the size of lung lesions that are no longer recognizable as such

*Decrease of lymphadenopathy in the left lung heel

*No abnormality visible in the intestinal package

*No liver metastases

I am an eternally grateful man, thank you Terracotta TCM


I have used a pseudonym family name in order to protect my identity . But anyone who wants to know more about my experience can contact Terracotta TCM and they wil pass your message on to me. 

Beau-Wicky Koelma 
Hawaii , USA
I got my life back

Anti Depressive 

I am the most positive person in the world and always look at the bright side of life, I'd never experienced depression, I always smiled. This, even after three years of dealing with a severe type of cancer, was my strongest weapon.

Thanks to my positive mindset, the determination to keep eating a raw diet plus a complex of supplements and wonderful people around me, I was able to stay alive.
In mid-July I had to come back to Holland for a “check up” and because of the circumstances, I had to stay here longer.
I started to have mood changes and didn’t feel well after two months, I started experiencing fatigue and energy loss and since then I stayed more and more at home.
I even had difficulty staying positive and thoughts about just quitting were easier than defending myself against the circumstances afflicted me, and the people that didn’t understand anything of what was going on with me.
November and December were the months that I stayed inside my apartment most of the time to just to insulate myself from the rest of the world.

In December I had a talk with the people from Terracotta TCM about how I was going through and they gave me a bottle of Superbrain to try out.

I have been taking Superbrain now for six weeks and my mood swings are gone, I don’t feel like jumping from my balcony anymore, and I slowly start to sleep well again, I don’t feel sad or depressed as much as I did before and I definitely feel that it helps me to get a more stable mindset.
I will recommend Superbrain to anybody who is suffering of memory loss, brain fog, confusion, mood swings, lack of concentration, anxiety, and stress.

If it wasn’t for the Superbrain, I don’t know where I would be right now. It’s not 100% gone but at least it gave me back the emotional stability I missed, and the will to live.

I take 3x3 capsules a day for some weeks and you will feel the difference!  It is really good