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Our purpose and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Terracotta TCM relies on tradition and ancient knowledge that has already taken care of our forefathers healthy for almost 5000 years. And combines this with current modern knowledge. According to Paracelsus, a herb has grown against every illness and every health. It's within reach. Right to the roots.

Better instead of more

Our goal is not "more", but "better"! "Better" for us means ethical business with moral, honest products that are simply fantastic. We see it every day, and also in the future as our task to change healthcare for the better. 


Terracotta TCM Global
Terracotta Group LLC
1621 Central Avenue
82001 Cheyenne
Wyoming , USA
Ms Yezika Van Gent Calberto


European Union:
Terracotta TCM Europe BV
Grote Krocht 23
2042 LT Zandvoort
Ms Ingeborg Engelsma

United Kingdom :
Oxygen Ventures Ltd
45 Wilmslow Road,
Manchester , M14 5TB
Mr Zia Khurshid

Terracotta Group LLC , Mountain View
Representative : Mr Timur Mukminov

Terracotta Group LLC
1621 Central Avenue
Cheyenne , WY 82001
Ms Yezika Van Gent-Calberto

GuoMao Trade
De Vrierestraat 38
2000 Antwerpen

Representative agent:
Timur Mukminov


Our Vision
We want to do our part to bring people closer to the most powerful remedies nature has to offer, and in so doing, provide sensible solutions to some of the greatest challenges in western medicine. Sustainable management and social responsibility are more important to us than growth and profit.
We rely on Traditional Chinese Medicine. The nature that surrounds us offers a rich treasure trove of remedies. We just have to (re) discover it and re-adapte it with modern knowledge.
Our promise
Our first and foremost priority is the selection of only the best available, true and tried  extracts, of carefully curated mushroom and plants inTraditional Chinese Medicine.